As trite as it may sound, I've been so swamped with things to do, that I keep forgetting to write in this blog. Well, that's changed! My new commitment is to update regularly - minimum once a week. About my book, "Kidnapped By the Cartel." Will I ever have it in my hand? Just like the TV show, Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee, my publishing experience has been semi self-publish. Originally, I had a great agent interested in representing me, but the time frame for her to try and "sell" the book to publishers and then for a publishing house to hold onto the book, seemed like an eternity. The possibility remained that after a publisher took an interest in the project, a year and a half later, they could change their minds, and I'd be back where I started. Ugh! Hence my search for other options. I finally settled on a company (which I will gladly name after I have the final product in my hot little hands), and commenced. To my chagrin, this process has proven to be lengthy, too. So much is involved, and many decisions have to be made. Nothing is done quickly, either, especially on the publisher's end! They have "five to fifteen business days" (not counting holidays, etc.) to complete various parts of the project - one piece at a time. That means three weeks, then another three weeks, and so on, and I just have to be patient. Not easy!!! All done electronically, if the writer doesn't enter and return something exactly the way the publisher wants, many days are added. I have learned the hard way on that!! Factor in traveling on my part, and it seems like the book has been in process since I was ten. Now that I have sufficiently vented, I will talk about the actual writing of  "Kidnapped By the Cartel" next time. Ciao!

To buy "Kidnapped By the Cartel"

Hip Hip Hooray! My novel, "Kidnapped By the Cartel" has been published and is ready for purchase!! I want to thank everyone who has been waiting patiently and offering words of encouragement - you are all the best!!! To purchase a signed book via PayPal: I need your email address, the address where to send the book as well as the person's name for personalization. Your PayPal account will be charged $22.95 (includes shipping and Pay Pal fee). You can also send a check or money order for $22.00 to: Karen Scioscia, 8508 Park Rd. #186, Charlotte, NC 28210 THANK YOU and happy reading!!

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