It's been a bit since I've written - okay, days, weeks - but here's the good news and bad news.       Bad news: I've been so busy I can barely keep up.  Good news: I've been so busy I can barely keep up!    My father has always said that it's better to be too busy than to have nothing to do. Idle hands being the devil's workshop and all. No problem with that here!                                                             The late January 2013 release of my novel, Kidnapped By the Cartel, went well and has been generating rave reviews!! Thank you readers!!! The book can be purchased through my website,, and B& For a signed copy, shoot me a message!                                                                                                                                                                       I I am currently involved in writing an anthology with eight other great (international!) authors. The true crime book, Anthology of Serial Killers, is slated for release in early December 2013.

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