Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Writer

Good writers have been in the past, are at present, and will be popular in the future, so if you still decide what skills to master, try to learn the basics of writing. The essence of being a writer extends far beyond the opportunity to write fiction. Nowadays, writers create blog posts, texts for marketing purposes, compile the description of goods, etc. We shouldn’t also forget about academic writing services, such as, that offer online assistance with academic writing. So, this profession is relevant as never before.
Demand and relevance are important, but these aren’t the key factors. So, if being a freelance writer seems attractive prospective for you, get acquainted with all aspects of this matter, including negative ones.

Pros of Freelance Writing Job

Since we used to pay more attention to the positive sides of any occupation, let’s start with discussing the benefits of freelance writing job:
- You can set the schedule. It’s the most popular argument of people who advocate for a freelance job. It’s convenient because one can easily balance it with study or even a full-time job; no wonder that many college students choose it as a side hustle.
- This profession is in demand. Relevance is a very important factor to consider when choosing a profession. Freelance writers are needed in many spheres and fields, for example, IT, business, marketing, healthcare, education, etc.
- Your wage isn’t limited. Unlike other jobs, where you get a fixed salary, freelance writing is a job where your salary depends on your experience, talent, and time you spend on it. If you want to earn a lot of money, a freelance writing job will let you do it.
- You may start a business. This perspective seems attractive to many people. Even if you started your career in any company, it doesn’t mean that you can launch your own company after gaining some experience you need.
- Get regular customers. A freelance writing job doesn’t always presuppose you work with different people each time. Quite the opposite, you may find good clients and work with them regularly.

Cons of Freelance Writing Job

Certain aspects make people doubt about starting this career:
- You’ll feel lonely. Since it’s a freelance job, you’ll certainly spend most of your day sitting at home. And it can last for a long time. If you’re ready not to see your friends and relatives, don’t leave your house several days in a row, start working.
- Sometimes work is inconsistent. If you have a few regular clients, you will hardly face such a situation. But if not, you may have difficulty with finding writing jobs sometimes.
- Forget about the regular paycheck. Freelance writers often check their mailbox each day, waiting for the notification for their bank account. One may state that it’s not a serious disadvantage, but it’s always better to get paid regularly. This aspect can stress you out.
- It’s hard to be on vacation. Even if you say to your clients that you need rest, don’t be surprised when you get a new order while being on vacation. Freelance writers really work a lot. To get a normal vacation, you need to set boundaries for you and your clients; otherwise, it’s impossible.